Plum Strawberry Coconut Oatmeal Crisp (gf)

Summer desserts are TOO GOOD. Plus, when served in personal sized mini ramekins, how can you not love them?! Give me all the berries and stone fruit for the next three months. I tend to buy too many berries before I can eat all of them/they start to go bad, so this is a PERFECT dessert recipe if you’re anything like me. It’s gluten free and refined sugar free too! And vegan if you don’t use the yogurt topping. If you’re vegan, you could totally top it with coconut milk ice cream and it would be INCREDIBLE. You will not believe this dessert is healthy.
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Quinoa Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (v, gf, df)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of in love with banana bread. See also this, this, and this. I mean, who doesn’t love it? It’s so comforting and just all around delicious, especially when chocolate is involved. This recipe is no exception. I absolutely LOVE experimenting with alternative and healthier flours with higher protein and lower carb content. This bread is also naturally sweetened with maple syrup, so there’s no refined sugar, and it’s vegan, gluten free, and dairy free as well. How awesome?!
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Peach Caprese with Mint, Pistachios, and Honey

I KNOW I KNOW, you’re probably saying enough with the fruit and cheese combos! I really can’t get enough though. It’s TOO GOOD! My motto is to take full advantage of all the beautiful seasonal produce while you can. Let me tell you, I’m HOOKED. There’s really nothing like summer food. I made this last summer for the first time and it was a huuuuge hit. I had forgotten about it until now when I saw the peaches pop up in stores and HAD to share this with you guys. I served this alongside regular tomato, mozzarella, and basil caprese, and the peach version went even faster. Such a nice change!
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Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread Truffles (v, gf)

Having healthy treats for when that sweet tooth hits is SO CRUCIAL. I tend to get snacky at night, and to avoid eating omgeverythinginsight, I make little healthy snacks and treats to have on hand in the fridge and freezer. It’s SO helpful. Sometimes you just need that little bit of chocolate or bite of something sweet and these are PERFECT for those times.

They are naturally sweet from the dates, and they’re vegan and gluten free (as long as you use gf certified oats). These are even healthy enough for an afternoon snack, or for post workout when you need those immediate carbs and healthy fats before you can sit down to a meal. Pack them in your gym bag and take them to work! I keep a batch of all sorts of power and protein bites in my freezer so I can pull one out whenever I get a craving.
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Chickpea Flour Flatbread with Cherries, Honey Ricotta, Feta, and Arugula (gf)

Easy summer apps are one of my favorite things. I absolutely LOVE having light “snacky” dinners when it’s hot out and when there’s so much beautiful produce. I am also loving this idea of a CHICKPEA FLOUR FLATBREAD. It has the most wonderful cracker-like texture, it’s gluten free, and super light. It doesn’t weigh you down like a normal pizza crust, and it’s only 3 ingredients! Feel free to use your favorite crumbly cheese in this recipe. I’m weird and I have a strong dislike for goat cheese (it tastes so strong and foul to me), but it would probably be delicious on this flatbread and so would blue cheese. I can’t get enough of these cherries! They’ll keep getting better as summer goes on and I couldn’t be more EXCITED.
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Healthy Mint Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a trend that I am definitely on board with. Who wouldn’t want to eat a super thick smoothie with a spoon and a ton of delicious toppings? I tend to go for acai and pitaya bowls, and fruitier varieties. BUT, this mint chocolate one is SO good and seriously tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is chock full (ha, no pun intended), of superfoods and antioxidants and good-for-you ingredients. Make this when you need a fun and different breakfast from your regular routine!
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Grilled Watermelon Pizza with Herb Pistachio Pesto, Mozzarella, and Honey

IMG_1095I found us the PERFECT summer app! Or dinner, or’s really the perfect anytime food. Imagine sitting outside, sipping your cocktail of choice or some rosé, and eating GRILLED WATERMELON with melty cheese, salty pesto, and a drizzle of sweet honey. I really can’t think of a better situation. The combo might seem a little off the wall to you, but trust me on this one. It’s incredible. You’ll seem like such a rockstar if you make this for friends and family. It’s seems so complicated, but it’s so simple! Less than 10 ingredients!
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Creamy Cashew Thai Chicken with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

One of my FAVORITE things in the world to do is re-create meals with a healthier spin, without sacrificing flavor. This one delivers..and then some. SO much flavor you guys! I’m in love. The cauliflower rice makes the dish super low carb and ups the veggie content, which I am always in favor of. It comes together pretty quickly too..the most time consuming part of this meal is probably all of the chopping and dicing!
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Mint Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Iced Coffee

I’m usually such a coffee purist. Unsweetened iced coffee with a splash of almond milk is my coffee matter what the season. Sometimes I’ll even get just an iced black americano. If I’m feeling super crazy, I’ll get an iced vanilla almond milk latte. There are those days where I just need a little something FUN and EXTRA, and that’s where these coffees come in!
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Donut Party! (plus they’re paleo, gf, + grain free!)

IMG_4412Happy National Donut Day! I have been waiting FOR.E.VER to share these donuts with you.

They’re a riff off of the blood orange donuts I posted a little while ago. I LOVE these donuts because they’re paleo, grain free, and gluten free, and they are also sweetened with maple syrup instead of refined sugars. They have a lot of protein and won’t give you that bloated, sugar-crash feeling. I’m all for indulging in the real-deal donuts every once in a while but these are SO good, especially when you’re looking for a healthier sweet treat!!
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